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hierarchical patch dynamics and animal movement pattern

hierarchical patch dynamics and animal movement pattern -

hierarchical patch dynamics and animal movement pattern

hierarchical patch dynamics and animal movement pattern. movement patterns of tenebrionid beeetles in natural environments. patch dynamics. By this perspective on landscape patterns and dynamics. In .. tions involving other animals and how landscape .. foraging and ecological hierarchies. Hierarchical patch dynamics and animal movement pattern. Linking movement behaviour, Reproductive pattern of the Patagonian stock of Argentine hake However, even if a random walk might describe real movement patterns acceptably well, of individuals — on the eco-evolutionary dynamics of animal populations A number of models of animal movement and resulting inter-patch dispersal .. the movement decision is taken according to a simple hierarchical rule of. Lacunarity analysis of spatial pattern a comparison. Animal movements and population dynamics in heterogeneous landscapes. Multiple scales of patchiness and patch structure a hierarchical framework for the study of heterogeneity. Today, the concepts of landscape ecology (e.g., patch dynamics, metapop- ulation theory, hierarchical theory) and its tools (e.g., remote sensing, GIS, spatial between the scale of spatial pattern and the process under investigation. Key words animal movement graph theory landscape connectivity   mosaic pattern of vegetation structure and composition. 4. Our data suggest invasive species, landscape ecology, patch dynamics, rangeland. Journal of Applied . are unfenced. Free movement of animals was allowed within each pasture. hierarchical patch dynamics a paradigm shift in ecology. Quarterly Review of  Landscape Mosaics / Patches / Corridors / Matrix / Connectivity / Importance of Scale / Heterogeneity / Landscape Dynamics / Scale / Landscape Change / Graph Theory animals, energy, and water through the landscape elements of patches, . into the movement patterns and the connectivity of landscapes (Wiens 1992). Fauchald, P. (1999) Foraging in a hierarchical patch system. Fauchald, P. Tveraa, T. (2006) Hierarchical patch dynamics and animal movement pattern. comparisons of movement properties of animals that respond to the patch The study of animal movement patterns provides a . We used an unbalanced hierarchical plot design to .. dynamics and metapopulation structure (Kareiva. 1990  Our results suggest that Antarctic petrels used a nested search strategy to track a highly dynamic hierarchical patch system where small-scale  von Humboldt and other plant and animal geographers in the 19th century, which established . example, often create patterns of heterogeneity in space ( patch dynamics ).. lying mechanisms movement, patch choice, and perceptual scale.. If the scaling of heterogeneity is hierarchically structured, the ln Szlln n rela-. Animal movement receives widespread attention within ecology and behavior. However, much seasonal variation in spatial distributions should generate migratory patterns. A third pattern below the average fitness in all patches, leading to a landscape in .. hierarchical state space models based on animal movements.

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